ET.Blues Guitars Specs

Sound Specifications

ET.Blues guitars produce a resonator sound like a dobro. The metal US license plate acts as a soundboard and allows acoustic playing.

ET.Blues guitars are set in G open tuning and can be played with fingertips or with a bottleneck.

Old license plates were made of iron and new ones are in aluminum. This will affect the resonance of the guitar.

ET.Blues guitars are all electrified but in two different ways:

  • With a piezo sensor and volume control to be plugged preferably into an electro-acoustic amplifier. They produce a very roots and bluesy sound.
  • With different electromagnetic pickups, from standard ones to Seymour Duncan, with tone and volume control to be plugged on all sorts of amplifiers for a sound ranging from crunchy to saturated as any electric guitar.

Technical specifications

The guitar neck goes through the entire body on all ET.Blues guitars.

It is built using 3 different wood pieces (mahogany, amaranth, sycamore…) in order to guaranty durability. It is also equipped with a truss rod for neck adjusting and when changing tuning.

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Fretboard is made of hardwood (solid olive tree, Brazilian Ipe, Ebony…) with a 655 mm tuning fork and a 12 radius.

The bridge is a steel rod allowing good transmission to the License Plate.



Wood species will vary from one guitar to another depending on wood supply.  ET.Blues guitars are handcrafted in limited series. Qualities of wood species are chosen with very special care.

Guitar body is available in solid wood (mahogany, sycamore…) or in plywood veneered with precious wood (Burl walnut, Macassar ebony…). Use of plywood insured a better durability of veneer than solid wood.

The woods employed for the body will not affect the sound as it is the US license plate that brings the resonance.

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